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"Normal Barbie" Shows It's Ok to Spring Break in Miami With Cellulite

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We're not sure if Barbie knows how to do Spring Break in Miami, but Lammily, the "realistic fashion doll," sure does. She stars in a new commercial, #DoYou, that says two things: Party in the 305, and DGAF about your imperfections.

In the commercial, Lammily is all excited about her trip to Miami, but grows increasingly worried when she gets bombarded with pressuring magazine ads, flawless pictures of her friends at the beach, and twerking specials on television that point out her imperfections. She finally lands in Miami, but opts to not remove her Canadian tuxedo while at the beach, blushing over her acne as she watches her friends bounce around with their perfect little bods.

But what's this? She notices that these girls aren't perfect; they have stretch marks! Lammily goes WTF, removes her denim getup, puts on her super cool aviators, and joins them with her own sticker pack of stretch marks bouncing up and down (because those are sold separately). She spins a Nikki Beach style house set for them on the sand while women meant to impersonate Victoria's Secret angels show up, which is kind of fitting as PINK is throwing a celeb-filled spring break party here next weekend.

It's the perfect "Spring Break in Miami" story that teaches us all one thing: Going to the beach here shouldn't be about looking perfect, it should be about having fun as you are, stretch marks and all.