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Warby Parker is Opening Its First Miami Store in Wynwood!

Photo: Warby Parker
Photo: Warby Parker

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The opening of Warby Parker's first standalone store is in clear sight! The eyewear brand, famous for its buy a pair and give a pair concept, is opening the Warby Parker Annex in Wynwood, right next to the Wynwood Walls, on March 28.

Though Warby Parker is new to the neighborhood, the brand isn't new to Miami. In 2012 the Warby Parker Readery opened at The Standard Spa, however it closed on March 11th. This is the second Warby Parker Annex; the first opened in 2012 in New York's Meatpacking District, before the space turned into a permanent Warby Parker shop.

Photo: Warby Parker

Wheras the Readery at The Standard only sold sunnies and nonprescription eyewear, the new Warby Parker Annex will have triple the features, including the brand's full collection, same-day nonprescription purchases, optical measurements and progressive lenses.You'll also find other goods for sale, like books, floating key fobs, graphic swimming caps, and small, hand painted ceramic flower pots.

Photo: Warby Parker

We're told the store will reflect Wynwood's industrial vibe with nod towards Miami's tropical affairs, like swimming pool-patterned floors and tropical plants. We're also told there will be an overhead photo booth to "recreate your classic lounging-by-the-water moment," so prepare for a selfie overload at this grand opening.

Warby Parker Annex

215 Northwest 25th Street, Miami, FL 33127, USA