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Racked Fit Club Killed It at Core Fusion Extreme Last Night

Ashley Brozic
Ashley Brozic

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Last night's Racked Fit Club was one of those workouts where you looked to the person next to you and mouthed a few choice words you would never say to your mother. 20 Racked Fit Clubbers showed up to give Julie Wiesman's Core Fusion Extreme class a spin at Exhale Spa at the Epic Hotel on Wednesday night. We went through five different workout stations where we squatted, box jumped, toned our traps and thighs on TRX Suspension Ropes, and did so many pushups and bicep curls our arms almost fell off. Oh, we did it all. Not once, but twice.

The hour-long class was a hit with readers, and Julie, who is one of Miami's hottest trainers, was there to push us all through the hour-long class. Plus she led us through a super zen, quickie yoga session to cool us down after. Core Fusion was fun, it was intense, and it was so, so worth it. Big ups to all who showed up!

Couldn't make it to this Racked Fit Club? No worries, because we're teaming up with another reader-approved gym sooner than you can hop on a bike! In the meantime though, test out these five booty-sculpting moves from Julie, in GIF form.

Exhale Miami

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