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Prices Start at $50 at Del Toro's Wynwood Sample Sale

Del Toro Shoes
Del Toro Shoes

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Del Toro's annual sample sale kicked off at 9am this morning, with a small crowd showing up for its VIP preview last night. The selection of shoes is INSANE, but even better are the prices. The sale prices are noted by color, and categorized as follows:

  • Blue: $175
  • Red: $150
  • Green: $125
  • Yellow: $75
  • Orange: $50

Lets get to the real draw: the shoes! Compared to the mens, the women's selection is much smaller, however you can still walk out with a great selection of Italian slippers for either $75 or $125. It's mostly larger sizes (think 8 and 9), however if you go early you may luck out and grab yourself a size 6 or 7. There's a whole rack of women's lace-ups and slippers that are just $50, but these are definitely larger sizes. Suede and pony-hair booties are on sale for $150, but they're mostly size 9.

Now onto the mens. There are four rows of shoes with stacks of slip-ons, drivers, sneakers, slippers, and more. There's also a whole rack dedicated to slippers with pizza emojis for $150, and metallic tassel loafers. Most of the men's slippers and sneakers are in the $125 range. They did have a lot of size 10 and 11 shoes, however its teaming with smaller sizes (think 7 and 8) and larger ones (think size 13). Also, there's a whole shelf dedicated to $50 sneakers, slippers, and more, so definitely hit that up first when you walk in.

Apparel and accessories are also on sale. Del Toro duffle bags are $600, wallets are $50, money clips are $20, and sunglasses are $50. If you're really pinching your pennies though, the lighters are $2. As for the apparel, you'll find a few selections from the brand's collaboration with Cotton Citizen, plus an assortment of vintage denim jackets, tees, and jerseys. Many of them are Mickey or Dolphins-themed.

Word of advice: go early, and go during the day. The space is small which means that people will be hitting it up after work, and you don't want to miss out on scoring yourself a pair of Del Toro shoes, which are usually $325 and above. The earlier you go, the better, and make sure to wear a pair of shoes you can easily slip on and off.

Del Toro Shoes

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