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Jay-Z Reps Hialeah With an IAE Tee

The billionaire rapper seems to be fond of the "City of Progress."

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Hit the brakes: Jay-Z is repping a #HIALEAH tee! @derick_g, let's talk about this #IAE amazingness.

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Jay-Z just broke the internet... in Hialeah, anyways. The rapper was spotted wearing a black t-shirt printed with the word "Hialeah" while walking alongside his wife, Beyonce. The shirt is made by Derick G, the photographer, videographer, and designer behind local streetwear brand IAE, which stands for "I Am Expensive."

So the mystery stands: How did this billionaire get his hands on a tee repping the "City of Progress?" What is his connection to Hialeah? Also, when is Derick G restocking? For now we'll relish in the fact that while he was repping the second worst city for singles in America, Jay-Z was bringing Hialeah to light, proving that this Miami neighborhood is more than just agua, fango, y factoria.