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Five Butt-Shaping Moves From Hottest Trainer Contestant Julie Wiesman in GIF Form

Welcome to Workout Wednesday, where we highlight Miami's hottest fitness trends and studios.

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Dance workouts are all the rage in Miami, but you don't need to leave your house to get your booty grind on. We've tapped in Julie Wiesman, the star of last year's Hottest Trainer competition to show us those moves that keep her derrière in top shape. A former New York Knicks and Miami Heat dancer, Julie invented her own workout, Twerk and Work, and the platinum bombshell can now be found teaching all the core fusion classes at exhale spa inside Downtown's Epic Hotel, including Core Fusion Extreme, which launches tomorrow! (Check back with us on how you can try it for free).

All you'll need to whip your booty into shape before spring officially hits is a light set of dumbbells, an exercise band, and a chair. So crank up the tunes and let the booty sculpting begin.

Hold on to the back of a chair or a countertop. Place a weight behind your knee and bend it so that the weight stays there. Squeeze your butt tightly and keep your hips and shoulders facing the ground. Now pump your heel to the sky and lower back down. Repeat fifteen times with each leg.

Grab an exercise band and hold it on the ground like a jumprope. Step onto it with your right foot. Keep holding on and grab the back of a countertop or chair. Drop your right elbow onto it, make sure your shoulders and hips are stacked, and ensure your standing leg is bent. Straighten your left leg, point your toes, and raise your leg to hip level. Once it's there, lift off your standing leg until you're on your toes. Lift up your left arm, really feeling that squeeze in your back, and leave your leg there for one second. Lower your leg down slowly. Repeat fifteen times on each leg.

Grab a chair and hold on to it. (For an advanced version, don't hold on). Put your foot on the chair. Step up and kick your back leg up behind you with a flexed foot. Pinch your waistline. Step down off the chair. Repeat fifteen times on each leg.

Bend down so that your hands and toes are on the floor, but make sure to keep your knees bent and off the ground. Kick your right foot through to the left side and touch it quickly with your left hand. Swing it back to starting position with both feet on the ground, knees still off. Repeat to the other side, this time kicking your left foot through and touching it with your right hand. Keep low to the ground. Repeat ten times on each leg.

This move isn't for the faint of heart. Keep your feet wider than your hips and squat with your knees and feet facing out. Twist your right knee in and pop your right hip out. Repeat to the left. Drop your hands to the floor, bend your elbows into a full pushup and come back up again. Repeat the full series 20 times.

Repeat the entire series three times, and get ready to slip into your spring mini dress with ease.