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Jugofresh Has Finally Ventured into the Caffeine Scene with Drty Mylks

You can have your morning coffee and your daily superfoods too.


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Jugofresh has finally ventured into caffeinated drinks with the launch of drty mylk, a series of non-dairy, house-made coffee, latte and green tea drinks, each packed with superfoods.

But didn't they already make mylks? Yes, but this is the first time the Baha East-approved brand has ventured into the caffeine scene and these drinks, unlike the phylled mylk and mylk shake, are packed with superfoods like medicinal reishi mushrooms, MCT oil, and green tea matcha.

Instead of using Panther Coffee, which seems to be the coffee house of choice for local Miami eateries, jugofresh has gone with Bulletproof Coffee, which is known best for its organic coffee beans harvested in Central America, and claims to be jitter-free, which means you won't feel twitchy all day.

It's mostly cold brews, with fun names like "la crema of the crop" and "pa arriba choco," and all are coconut water based with added ingredients that do things like boost your metabolism or enhance your mood. You can start off easy with the "pa arriba choco," which is a cold brew with cashew, coconut meat, vanilla extract, and cacao to give it a bitter hint, or really go all out with the "green genius", which is a creamy green latte with green tea matcha, ginkgo biloba, brain octane oil, and other mental clearing and energizing ingredients. The drty mylks retail between $8 and $10.50, and are sold at all five jugofresh locations and hopefully, soon, at the brand's future North Miami outpost.

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