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Solange, Jamie Chung, and 50 Street Style Snaps From the Veuve Clicquot Carnaval

Seth Browarnik

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Photos: Seth Browarnik, World Red Eye

Solange Knowles making sheer Ellery skirts look classy, Jamie Chung rocking a bedazzled BCBG blazer, copious amounts of champagne flowing from bottles to glasses- that's Veuve Clicquot's first annual Carnaval in a nutshell, which took place this past Saturday. If you're at all familiar with the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic and its impeccable street style shots, then consider Veuve's Carnaval the Miami version, which swaps out horses for feather adorned dancers shaking what the Brazilian gods gave them.

Before our vision got a bit clouded (because, rosé, hello), we scouted out an impeccably dressed crowd of celebs, like Emily Ratajkowski in a cream colored set, Padma Lakshmi in a Pucci caftan, Chelsea Leyland in a spring-forward floral dress, and William Levy in a luxe red blazer. Also there were the who's who of Miami, and a bunch of champagne-loving guzzlers scattered around the Thompson Hotel playing cornhole, pong, and life-size Jenga. But celebrity or not, this was a crowd who proved that, no, there is no better place to be in January than right here in Miami.