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45+ Valentines Day Gifts for Every Kind of Pair

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Photo: Urban Outfitters/Facebook

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Couples, like individuals, are as unique as they come, and so coming up with one definitive Valentine's Day gift guide wasn't doing anyone a favor. Instead, we've conceived a gift guide for pairs with loads in common, whether you're both workout buffs or, combined, you're the life of every party. Adventure types are included as well, as are the humble homebodies and freaks under (and above) the sheets. Most of these items can be found right here in Miami, however there are some online finds that were too good to pass up, so we forewent our store clause and rounded them up after the jump.

Couples Who Adventure Together

Throw you a knapsack and a set of wheels, and the two of you are ready to ride off into sunset. You're the adventuring type: a little outdoorsy with a serious case of wanderlust. If, by chance, you're not sure where your next adventure will take you, then get each other a set of travel books from Taschen. Once you've checked off your next destination, kick up your travel style a notch with matching Herschel backpacks, or hook each other up with complimenting bracelets from Miansai, whose cool Wynwood factory we explored a few months back. A splitter is a great small gift if you two want to have your own private jam fest no matter where you are, but if you really want to go all out, gift each other matching bikes from local Wynwood bike shop Orange Pedal. Or, if you're opting for subtlety, grab yourselves a set of matching notebooks to chronicle your adventures together from Makr, a woodsy Florida brand that is temporarily located in Wynwood.

Couples Who Work Out Together

Marathon training, acro yoga, CrossFit- there isn't a workout you haven't tried, and the best part is that you do it together. Although you may be lifting different weights, you still have the same workout needs, whether it's staying hydrated or cranking out a killer workout soundtrack. Stock each other's duffle bags with a new set of matching beats earphones, his and her water bottles from S'well, complimenting yoga mats, or matching workout tees. One idea? Gift each other fit bands and make a little competition on who packs in more activity during the day.

Couples Who Stay In Together

Miami may be filled with places to go and people to see, however there's nowhere you two would rather be than on your own sofa, cuddling in between glasses of wine and Netflix binge sessions. If that's the case, a giant West Elm throw fit for two might work, which you can totally monogram with your combined initials, as will sets of cozy loungewear. Craving to spruce up your staying-ins? Don't even bother hopping in the car and order an at-home couple's massage from Zeel, or team up and cook a five star meal with Plated, which delivers meals for two straight to your door. And when you wake up the next morning and roll into the kitchen, delight in the fact that your other half has just poured you a fresh cup of joe in your brand new matching mugs. (Maybe we're just wishful thinking...)

Couples Who Party Together

Alone, you bring life to the party, but together, you are THE life of any event. There's never a dull moment with you two, and your schedule is jam packed with happy hour dates, late night escapades along Collins, and parties at your own pad. You know better than to not look your best, so amp up your footwear game with a new set of shoes from local label Del Toro, or make sure you're fashionably late with a new set of timepieces. Although you may be a little too old for Slap the Bag, you don't have to give up your good ol' boxed wine, but put it in a portable wine purse and keep the party going wherever you are, or get yourself your own personal whiskey barrel, complete with your own initials etched on the wood. If you want to step up your cocktail game, book yourself a room at the James Royal Palm Hotel and order in your very own personal bartender, who can show you the ropes of mixology from the comfort of your in-room bar. And to make sure you're remembering all the fun, get yourselves a smartphone printer to print out all those memories in the flesh.

Couples Who Sleep Together... A Lot

The bedroom? Your favorite place to be. Clothing? Optional. There's not a position the two of you haven't tried, or is there? Get your better half to download the iKamasutra app, which even comes with its own soundtrack. Or, get yourselves a sexy board game and give game night a new meaning. But don't forget, ladies and gentlemen, that the build-up is sometimes the best part, so spice up the start of your night with a sexy new set of lingerie to unclip, followed by a steamy bubble bath courtesy of Lush Cosmetics. If you really want to keep the romance alive, gift yourself or your lady a total boudoir photo sesh, because gravity will never be nicer to you than it is right now.