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Custo Barcelona to Hold a Fashion Show in Havana

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Custo Barcelona is all about the Latin American market, which perfectly explains why Miami has been a key city for some time now. It also might explain why the brand is set to hold a fashion show in Havana in April, something Custo Dalmau mentioned to us in an interview.

We chatted with the designer about Miami and his soon-to-open store at Dadeland Mall. It was supposed to have opened on February 18th, but some pesky permitting issues stood in the way. A source tells us that the Dadeland store should be opening on March 9th, but for now, we'll satisfy your craving for Custo's colorful prints with some major Miami love from the designer, who braves our malls and Washington Avenue and would move here in a heartbeat.

What can we expect from your soon to open Dadeland Mall store?

Our presence in Miami for us is very important. Dadeland Mall is the next step for us and we expect to open more stores in South Florida. We were supposed to be open already but there were some delays. The audience in Dadeland Mall is very focused on Latin American consumers and that is why we are opening there. But the store looks amazing! Unfortunately I cannot show you! Hopefully by next week we'll be open.

You come to Miami often. What's one thing you can't leave without doing?

Take a swim on the beach. I like to go out at night. Nightlife is exciting here. Going shopping is very exciting in the Miami area, also.

Where do you like to shop?

All the malls. I like to walk the streets like Lincoln Road and Washington, but I like the malls. I like to go to Aventura, Design District. Everything is very exciting here. There's a lot of dynamism. The city is very alive.

What's the strangest thing you've ever bought in Miami?

A Cuban cigar, I suppose. It's illegal here.

It's Miami, 9pm. What are you doing?

I'm usually getting ready in my hotel and getting ready to go eat. I have a lot of friends in Miami. Then we'll go out to party.

What is a Miami woman to you?

A very feminine person who likes to express her femininity. I think women in Miami like to show their inner woman.

Would you ever consider moving here?

Every time I am here! Every time I call Barcelona to send me the luggage.

What's next for the brand?

We're going to do a fashion show in Havana. In two months, in April. The government invited us.

Dadeland Mall

7535 N Kendall Dr, Miami, FL 33156 (305) 665-6228