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Zoë Kravitz On Her Weird Teenage Years in Miami

Warwick Saint for Ocean Drive Magazine
Warwick Saint for Ocean Drive Magazine

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As an actress, performer, and all around "it" girl, the fact that Zoë Kravitz calls Lenny Kravitz her dad is just a bonus that adds to her fame, not the essential factor. Did you know she actually spent her teen years here in Miami? As Ocean Drive's latest cover star, Zoë delves into all things growing up in Miami, including her enrollment in Miami Country Day School, when her mom let her move in with her rock-and-roll dad.

"Those are really strange years-that weird in-between place between being an adult and a kid. I associate my time in Miami with that."

But, she does mention that the city gave her the support she needed to brave those early teenage years.

"Miami is so beautiful, you have that to fall back on when everything else is falling apart because you're 13 and confused. You can go to the beach and lie outside."

She also reveals what you can find inside of her bedroom in Sunset Island, where her dad was super type-A about keeping it crisp and white.

"It was big and everything was white and clean-looking, and you weren't allowed to drink anything dark."

Apparently it's totally decked out in Billie Holiday paraphernalia, including a sheet of paper where she wrote "Lady Sings the Blues," and was once the home to her hairless dog, Ramon, who was chosen because he didn't shed.

Next on Zoë's agenda is a stint with her buddy, Shailene Woodley, in the next installment of Divergent as well as another role in Mad Max: Fury Road alongside Charlize Theron. But that's when she's not rocking out at Design District stores with her band, Lolawolf.