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Should Yorkies Be Banned in Miami?

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Driely S.

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Miami New Times has just released a proposal for the most shocking legislation ever: a law to ban the sale and ownership of the Yorkshire Terrier. In a blog rant, Kyle Munzenrieder claims, "You see, Yorkies' real crime is something no one talks about but everyone hears. They have a strong tendency to never shut up."

The article brings up the following points. First, Miami is totally cool with banning certain breeds of dogs (i.e. pitbulls). Second, Miami's "three-ply Kleenex" walls are barely barriers against Yorkie's incessant high pitched yelps when owners are away, which prevents neighboring tenants from sleeping and thus causes potential health problemslike heart disease, stroke, and depression. Third, owners don't seem to be able to do anything about it.

One solution proposed is to send all Yorkies to a special Yorkie farm in the Redlands so they can run around and bark freely, funded entirely by tourist dollars. Because nothing says "I'm in Miami, B*#$^" like a selfie with a bunch of Yorkshire Terriers. Nothing.

Do you have any Yorkie terror stories? Own a Yorkie and disagree? Let's hash it out in the comments.