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How Miami's Top Fashion and Fitness Influencers Stayed in Shape this Year

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As 2015 wraps up, we've tapped in a handful of reputable fashion and fitness friends to weigh in on the year's greatest hits (and misses) for our Year in Racked! Here's how everyone stayed fit this year.

Matt Roy for Shayne Benowitz

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Alexandra Shepard, Mind Body Manager at Exhale Spa: Core Fusion Extreme! Exhale Downtown Miami added a fast-paced, high-energy HIIT class this year that is equally appealing to both genders.

Ashley Brozic, Editor of Racked Miami: I'm not much into trendy workouts. Yoga and a good run a few times a week keeps me in check.

Celene Gee, Owner of Gee Beauty: Barry's Bootcamp!

Chad Tucker, Stylist: Morning yoga on the dock at The Standard. Open sky, cool breezes on the water, and the bonus of seeing dolphins jump out of the water while you're in pigeon position is pretty freaking cool.

Jhon Jairo Santos, Fashion Editor at Metrovelvet and Brickell and Key Biscayne Magazines: Walk. Just think of all the gasoline we can save.

Kelly Saks, Blogger: Pure Barre was the perfect bridal bootcamp for me. Arms and thighs are always the toughest areas for me to tone and in only a few sessions I noticed (and felt!) a huge improvement. That LTB (lift, tone, burn) is no joke!

Melissa Mosheim, Owner of MVM Miami: I generally keep the same regiment of pilates three times a week and tennis twice a week.

Nicole Mejia, Founder of Fit & Thick: I may be a bit biased here, but I'm going to go with my Fit and Thick workout program. We have weekly classes in Miami, we held a nation wide tour January-June, and launched a subscription based model so that anyone around the world can follow the program. My program couples HIIT training with resistance training and caters specifically to a woman's body.

Nikki Novo, Author, Speaker, and Blogger: Vixen Workout is still my go-to for booty popping and calorie burning.

Regina Arriola Cauff, Founding Partner of Style Rac: A combination of Barry's and TAM, but JetSet Pilates is my secret sauce...

Ria Michelle, Blogger: I fell in love with Flybarre.

Simonett Pereira, Founder of Style Mafia: Boxing at Mickey Demos in Miami Ironside.