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Selfies, Kitten Heels, and Logos: Miami Influencers on 2015's Worst Trends

As 2015 wraps up, we've tapped in a handful of reputable fashion and fitness friends to weigh in on the year's greatest hits (and misses) for our Year in Racked. Here are the 2015 trends they ran away from, and fast!

Driely S. for Racked

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Alexandra Shepard, Mind Body Manager at Exhale Spa: Chunky platform sandals. I might be 5' nothing but those are not fooling anyone.

Ashley Brozic, Editor of Racked Miami: Hyped up fast-fashion collabs like Balmain X HM and Lilly Pulitzer X Target. First off, it's a war zone (here's my experience). Second, everyone knows both where you got your outfit and how much you paid for it. I like a little mystery in what I'm wearing.

Celene Gee, Owner of Gee Beauty: Too many selfies!

Chad Tucker, Stylist: Sorry Chanel and Prada, but what man in Miami is going to wear a palazzo pant for a resort collection or any collection? Also, big baggy shirt dresses. They work in Europe, but not here. Miami women work hard for their curves and assets. In the words of Donatella Versace, "Less is less and more is more."

Jhon Jairo Santos, Fashion Editor at Metrovelvet and Brickell and Key Biscayne Magazines: The "logo" trend. I don't know why some firms and brands think it's cool to loudly brand their products by using difficult to dismiss initials and names. I believe that a good product speaks for itself and doesn't need a logo-trick.

Kelly Saks, Blogger: Normcore. More like ugly-core. Just, no.

Melissa Mosheim, Owner of MVM Miami: I ran away from puffy fur coats. Don't get me wrong, I love fur. But with our non-existent winter this year, I stayed away knowing I probably wouldn't get to wear those pricey pieces.

Nicole Mejia, Founder of Fit & Thick: Boyfriend jeans are still around but I still can't find a pair that fit my thighs and waist while not squishing my butt. I love the way they look but for my body type, they are an absolute no go.

Nikki Novo, Author, Speaker, and Blogger: Flare pants. It's not that I don't like them, it's just I overdosed on flare back in high school and early college. I'm still in recovery.

Regina Arriola Cauff, Founding Partner of Style Rac: I'm usually a big fan of relaxed, androgynous styles for women, but this season I leaned more towards feminine silhouettes and prints.

Ria Michelle, Blogger: Kitten heels. I'm still not into it. Go big or go home.

Simonett Pereira, Founder of Style Mafia: I'm not a very trend-driven person so I'll only run away from anything everyone else is wearing.