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Rita Ora Is Currently in Miami Conquering 2-Foot Waves

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Meet Rita Ora, singer, X Factor judge, and conquerer of Miami's massive 2-foot waves. She's currently in Miami and was spotted this morning splashing around in a color-block one piece with a super deep V-neck, without losing her shades.

She's in town with her show co-host Nicholas Grimshaw, and the two have been hanging out at Soho Beach House all day with model and fellow friend Daisy Lowe.

What's more amazing than her swimsuit is the fact that amidst an epic battle with nature, she managed to keep her shades on and showed no signs of a salt-water struggle. In fact, she put the waves on hold for a second to take selfies with fans. Ladies and gentlemen, meed Rita Ora, "The Great Ocean Conquerer of Miami's Massively Small Waves."