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Shinola Brings an American-Made Makers Culture to Wynwood

Shinola Wynwood

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Miami has needed a serious injection of American made, and Shinola has delivered. The store officially opened in Wynwood on Saturday, bringing us its Detroit-built watches, bikes, journals, leather goods, and pet accessories year-round.

"We are excited to call Wynwood our newest home because this area is pulsing with the same artistic, innovative and creative vitality that aligns with our core values," said Shinola Creative Director Daniel Caudill of the brand's 11th worldwide store. "It's a perfect platform to showcase Shinola's like-minded community spirit."

The store itself is gorgeous. While at the moment its facade is black and adorned only with Shinola's signature clock face suspended over the entrance, the store will be featuring a quarterly rotation of works by local artists, organizations, and museums to keep in line with Wynwood's signature artistic murals. First up is local artist Timothy Buwalda, who is known best for his artistic interpretations of totaled cars and machinery.

Inside the corner shop, everything is displayed within finely done oak-hued cabinets and stands. Beautifully made watches for men and women range from $500 to $850, leather goods for men and women include wallets, bags, tech accessories and journals, and there are plenty of other novelty goods like candles, pencils and knives to be found. Customization is also an option here, so consider this a first stop shop for gifts, especially on November 30th when Shinola launches its first "Maker's Monday" in Miami, an event that will bring local makers into the store to connect with each other and you, the customer.


2399 NW 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33127, USA