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McDonald's Hosted a Couture Fashion Show Last Night

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4,600 McDonald's sandwich wrappers, 1,770 fry boxes, 1,100 straws, 600 to-go bags, 500 sandwich boxes and ketchup holders, 200 soft drink cups, and 100 McFlurry cups. That's what goes into a McDonald's Couture Fashion Show, which took place last night during Funkshion Fashion Week.

While you were still frenzied over the disastrous Balmain X HM launch yesterday, McDonald's was putting on quite the McFancy fashion show at the Von Furstenberg-owned Setai, which is a big step up from last year's setting. Fashion students from the Miami International University of Art and Design created all 20 of the runway looks, and they're currently on display at Miami International University of Art and Design.

There were Happy Meal handbags and McCafe bubble skirts, pencil dresses made out of Big Mac boxes and Japanese-inspired looks made out of french fry cases. There was even a wedding dress made out of god-knows-how-many burger wrappers. Click through the above gallery to see all the looks, and try not to get too hungry while you're at it.