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Balmain X H&M: Live Updates from the Launch in Miami

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The much anticipated Balmain for H&M collection drops this morning at 8am. Racked Miami editor Ashley Brozic is on the scene at Lincoln Road, while Racked Miami intern Alejandra Torres is reporting live from Aventura Mall. Check back for to-the-minute updates. Images soon to come.

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H&M, Aventura Mall

6:06am: Just Arrived at the mall. Manuel the security guard took his time letting us in. There are over 100 people in line already.

6:09am: There's an influx of mothers who came out to shop for their daughters. That's love.

6:22am: Just found out that the first people in line have been here since 6:30pm yesterday. Talk about commitment.

6:23am: The second people in line, on the other hand, have only been waiting since 7:30pm. Talk about slacking.

6:30am: Taking photos of the line, and suddenly I'm the city's most wanted. Everyone is ready to let you know that no skipping will be allowed today.

6:39am: LET THERE BE LIGHT. I didn't even realize we were standing in the dark with the mall's light turned off. That H&M glow is so powerful.

7:00am: The Starbucks across is finally open, and there's now a camaraderie with the people. Spots are being saved and friendships are being made.

7:04am: Extra security has arrived on the scene.

7:06am: There's a guy in line that has his people waiting at home to buy Balmain online. He's preparing for the worst.

7:09am: The line keeps growing, and still no word about when we're going to go in.

7:15am: People have resorted to watching Netflix while waiting

7:17am: Staff is explaining the rules.

7:20am: They're going to handout different colored bracelets and each color means the time in which you'll enter the store.

7:21am: This means everyone can leave the line without worries. The bracelet guarantees your spot. This is good news for those who didn't have their morning pick me up from Starbucks.

7:22am: And we're moving! get the bracelet.

7:38am: Still no sign of the bracelets. And we're back to Netflix.

7:55am: Just received my bracelet. Orange is my color, and eight is my group number.

8:00am: The doors are open!

8:01am: The first group of 30 just ran inside like it was The Hunger Games.

8:09am: This is madness. Everyone is crowding around the barricades despite being in the last groups. People are going to have an audience while they shop.

8:15am: They're restocking already and it's been 15 minutes! The crowd is going cray.

8:36am: Staff is running back and forth from the fitting room with items that people don't want. How can you say no to Balmain, people?!

8:51am: One guy purchased every jacket in the collection. He's officially going to be the most stylish amongst his friends.

9:00am: One more hour to go. Hopefully they still have something. Anything.

9:10am: A little disappointed at how small the section is here at Aventura.

9:16am: When the groups are first let in, it's crazy. They just run for everything, but after a minute or two, they calm down and realize they still have at least another 10 minutes to go.

9:26am: No one is leaving the store. People buy their Balmain and just wait, which isn't a good thing for the people outside waiting. When store capacity reaches its limit, no one gets through.

9:30am: Racks are basically empty, except for black long sleeves, the hot pink tops, and black Blazers. Miami knows what it wants.

9:36am: Where are the shoes?!

9:38am: False alarm. The shoes along with EVERYTHING is back. Thank you, H&M staff.

9:40am: They've restocked for the sixth time, and they don't seem to be running low on items.

9:45am: People are buying online while they wait their turn to enter the section.

9:48am: A woman from the last group is saving an item for someone in the next group. #Balmainteamwork.

9:51am: This group is seriously making people nervous. They're taking everything!

9:55am: They've been restocking after each group, but it doesn't look they'll be doing that for my group

9:57am: If they have the black and gold Balmain T-Shirt that the Staff is wearing, I'll be happy with that.

9:59am: Someone just asked if we can get stuff from the mannequins. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

10:00am: In the line waiting to finally go into the section, and there's about to be a fight. Green colored wristband is trying to blend in with the orange crowd

10:03am: The women around have decided they're going to "tell on her."

10.18am: Just entered with my group, and I barely survived. All that was left were accessories, bandeaus, and coats. There was a flicker of hope when staff brought back clothes from the fitting rooms, but that moment was fleeting. All they had were more accessories

10:23am: People have resorted to making trades while waiting in line for the fitting rooms. I feel like I'm in grade school again.

10:28am: Just got told that the Palm Gardens location should have more items in stock since they didn't have a turnout as big as this one.

10:45am: The last group finally went in, and unfortunately, all they have to choose from are the coats. It's pretty barren here at Aventura.

11:05am: It was the best of times, and it was the worst of times with the Balmain collection. There were some losses, like the section almost being emptied out before the last five groups went in, but there were also some wins like getting the Balmain shopping bag when purchasing an H&M dress.

11:07am: There was maybe a dust speckle left.

H&M, Lincoln Road

6:45am: Just arrived to H&M on Lincoln! The line wraps around the building!

5:52am: The first people have been in line since 11am yesterday. Behind them, they began lining up at 3pm.

7:02am: There are about 250 people in front of me by now, an H&M rep came to announce. He also said that people who skip will be punished. Yikes.

7:06am: The line is starting to move for undisclosed reasons. Maybe they caught those pesky skippers?

7:14am: I'm probably the 250-somethingth person in line, and about six have lined up behind me.

7:16am: Wristbands are starting to be handed out! Once you get one you're free to roam.

7:20am: WOAH. A huge shuffle broke out at the front of the line. Apparently a few people tried to skip. Lots of shouting, and security was called in. I saw a girl walk back crying. Shit is getting real.

7:26am: There's shouting again. People who skip WILL be penalized.

7:36am: Finally got my wristband! It's gold and I can't go in until 10:45. Hopefully there are still goods left.

7:43am: Seriously amazed at how many guys came out for the launch. I wouldn't say it's 50/50, but I will say there's a lot, especially at the front of the line.

7:47am: The line is getting shorter because people are off to do their own things. But anticipation is building, especially at the front of the line.

8:00am: The first group is going in!

8:04am: They're not letting anyone shop yet. What gives?

8:06am: There's a group of guys behind me plotting their skipping strategy. Not gonna happen guys.

8:13am: The first group is hitting up the collab! Looks pretty tame in there so far. Saw someone walk to the register with a bunch of leather jackets.

8:16am: Update: They WILL be restocking after every group. While supplies last, of course.

8:18am: People are walking out with their bags and the crowd is cheering.

8:24am: One guy walked out with FOUR bags of swag. Claims its for him and his girl, but you never know...

8:30am: The anticipation is dying down a bit. We're in #HMBalmaination purgatory.

8:32am: They're still handing out wristbands to come back at 12:05. They're up to about 400 wristbands so far. After they reach 450,  the collection will be open to the public.

8:35am: There are about 30 wristbands left. They're restocking, but it all depends on people's shopping patterns.

8:41am: Just talked to someone from the first group. She said people were wiping things clean. First things to go were he shiny green dress and the Balmain tees.

8:57am: Everyone I've talked to says they're just wiping the store CLEAN. No regard to size or item. They're just grabbing and going.

9:00am: A group of four just walked out with 11 bags of things. Seriously though, 11 BAGS.

9:07am: People from the first three groups have been walking out. A friend of mine let me know that they're running really low on menswear.

9:21am: There's still a long line of people outside of the store.

9:32am: Just talked to a group of four guys who walked out with one bag each. They confirmed that there isn't a lot for guys. None of them got what they wanted.

9:41am: I'm told they're doing a pretty good job at restocking for women. From where I'm standing, I can see that the majority of guys walk out with several bags, while girls might walk out with one or two.

9:48am: So apparently, guys are knocking things down to the ground and then picking and choosing what they want. That might be one way to explain the low inventory...

9:58am: Just heard one guy remark, "Man, that was like a war trench in there." That seems to supm up the mood.

10:05am: People aren't just buying for themselves. They're scooping up what they can for friends and family too.

10:10am: People inside are trying items on, but here's the thing: if you decide you don't want something in the fitting room, they'll bring it back for the next group that goes in. You can't grab someone's unwanted things within your group.

10:18am: White jackets are gone at Lincoln Road, so are the thigh-high boots. Oh, and the beaded jacket that Kendall Jenner wore. Those sold out a long time ago.

10:32am: Finally time to line up! I'm in the 9th group and we're going in at 10:45. The shelves are looking kind of empty from where I'm standing, let's hope there's something.

11:04am: And... I'm out! Was able to score a bandeau top. As for what's left, there are a ton of coats and bandeaus, suede envelope bags, and some earrings. Other than that, the store at Lincoln Road is pretty wiped out. Kudos to the kids who started lining up at 3pm yesterday. They're the real winners here.

12:12pm: Came in for one last spot check. At this point it looks like even the coats are wiped out and only a few accessories and bandeaus are left. The very last group with wristbands are about to go in and there's a huge line outside of people who will be let in at 12:45. At this point your only friend is luck, and maybe whoever decides to return a few items. It's been real, guys. Until the next collab!