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Perry Ellis May Lose Its Airport Store Due to 'Bigotry' Allegations

Facebook/Perry Ellis

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Perry Ellis can't catch a break. Last month it was announced that the president and soon-to-be CEO of the Doral-based company, Oscar Feldenkreis, is being sued by Joseph Cook, a top executive who runs Perry Ellis' Original Penguin brand, for making racist and homophobic remarks to him. Now, a chairman for the Miami-Dade County Commission is taking steps to reconsider Perry Ellis' lease at Miami International Airport.

As the Miami Herald reports, Feldenkreis reportedly ordered Cook to make sure there were "no blacks in my ads" or "anyone who looked too gay." He also told Cook that he could avoid jury duty by hating on minority groups, all while knowing fully well that Cook identified as gay. Cook followed with a lawsuit.

Earlier that month, Perry Ellis won a no-bid lease at MIA because the company qualified to take over retail space reserved for "iconic" local brands. Due to the allegations, which Perry Ellis denied, the chairman told county lawyers to draw up the papers needed for the 13-member commission to revisit the lease. Seven commissioners must sign off on it in order for the lease to be brought up before the board.