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Rumors, Wynwood's First Vintage Thrift Boutique, Is Officially Open

Instagram/Rumors Miami

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Miami finally has the thrifty vintage boutique it deserves! Rumors, a Virginia-bred vintage thrift boutique has finally taken up shop in Wynwood on NE 36th St., in the former Fox House space, is ready to bring you an eclectic mix of clothes, shoes, and accessories at "starving artist prices."

How starving are we talking here? Think $14 dresses, $8 to $12 shirts, and $12 to $16 denim. And although you will find a few items at a higher price, you won't find marked up vintage designer goods here.It's like Urban Outfitters on a budget, plus you can also sell your clothing at the boutique, and there's even a dollar bin in case you're in a real pinch.

"We opened the store when we were 22 and we both just turned 31," says Casey Longyear, who co-owns the store with her business partner and bestie Marsche Wyche. They opened their first store in Richmond, Virginia and, shortly after, opened a second location at Chapel Hill. "We've done every store out of pocket, which is awesome. We don't have rich parents; we lived in our first store. We put everything we had into our second one and now we're putting everything we have into our third one."

Rumors Boutique

215 NW 36th St, Miami, FL 33127, USA