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'Botched' Star Dr. Paul Nassif On Kylie's Lip Fillers, Brazilian Butt Lifts, and Plastic Surgery

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Renowned Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Dr. Paul Nassif, knows a thing or two about looking good. He's the plastic surgery Superman behind E!'s popular reality show, Botched, and he's responsible for some of those not-to-be-named famous (and improved) celebrity faces that defy age and gravity. Now with the launch of his new skincare line, Nassif MD Bio-Rhythmic Skincare, we all can all experience some of those ageless perks that are often hampered by stress and time. We got the skinny on what women REALLY want, why Miamians love butt lifts, and how you can get those coveted Kylie Jenner lips just in time for the holidays. Pucker Up!

You've got a new skincare line and there's no better place to promote it than Miami. What's the secret weapon in the batch?
We know by now that there is no magical Fountain of Youth, so we assembled the world's leading chemists and formulated products that revolve around Bio-rhythms, the study of our 24-hour life cycles. Bio-rhythmic skin care is easy to explain. Our bodies have diversely different needs during the day versus the night, and as such, so does our skin. The daytime demands of the skin are protection from stress and techno/environmental assaults, as well having its energy reserves fueled. The nighttime requirements of our skin are repairing daytime damage (oxidative stress), and restoring and rejuvenating depleted skin so we can start over fresh the next day. Our NASSIF MD Bio-Rhythmic Skincare line does just that; and taken a step further, it will quickly energize and restore skin that is overly taxed from the challenges of crazy, stressful or even jet set lifestyles. This makes our skincare line ideal for quick, outstanding anti-aging results for any age or lifestyle.

In your years in the business, what is it that women really want when it comes to beauty?
Women want to feel comfortable in their skin. They want to bring out their best qualities and features, and sometimes all this takes is a slight modification. Fortunately, there are many fantastic treatments both surgical and non-surgical that can help bring out one's best. Great results can be obtained when the cosmetic procedures are in the hands of a specialist.

What's your most requested procedure?
One of my specialties is ethnic and revision rhinoplasty. I have patients come from all over the world who want to improve their nose both structurally and functionally through a primary or revision procedure. The other thing that patients are frequently asking for in younger age as well as in their early 40s is a mini facelift.

What's your most favorite procedure?
I would have to say rhinoplasty. It is the most complex procedure I perform, and I love the overall challenge. Seeing patients' happiness following the surgery is extremely gratifying, and I derive great satisfaction from using my abilities to provide my patients with an improved quality of life.

We see a lot of harrowing cases on your show, Botched, and it's up to you to come to the rescue. Have there been any crazy cases that still stand out to this day?
There have been many complex cases on Botched thus far and it's hard to pick just one. I have performed a few revision rhinoplasties this season on a couple of patients who have really tested my limits. Revisions are much more complicated due to scar tissue and three dimensional healing. The goal with these surgeries is improvement, not perfection. There's also the story of a patient, Luci, that just aired in two parts. I diagnosed her with brain aneurysms, which saved her life. She was on a moped in Italy and crashed into a wall and ended up having surgery, which did not come out that great. She also has a child with autism and it was preventing her from doing things with her child. That was my favorite heartfelt episode.

What are some major don'ts that women and men do when it comes to plastic surgery?
The biggest issues arise when patients have unrealistic expectations. They look for changes that go beyond what may be considered conservative. In this case, the end result is too extreme. The patients end up with an overdone appearance, and that is where I come in to try and restore their original look. This can happen with an overaggressive rhinoplasty, too much filler or any procedure where the long-term result is not considered.

Plastic surgery and Miami are pretty much synonymous. What's the Miami trend when it comes to getting work done?
Similar to Los Angeles, Miami is a beautiful city with fantastic year-round weather and people spend a great deal of time outside showing off their physiques. Besides procedures to the body that trim fat or enhance weaker areas, facial plastic surgery is also common. Procedures range from rhinoplasty to facelifts and filler, with no specific trend evident. Probably the most popular procedure Miami is the Brazilian butt lift. 

How easy for you is it to know right off the bat if someone has had work done?
The "surgical appearance" is characterized by an unnatural pull or contour that gives it away at first glance. The goal is to have a natural outcome that enhances one's own natural features. If you can't tell that someone has had a procedure, then that's a good plastic surgical procedure.

What should you look for in a plastic surgeon?
Besides fantastic credentials and board certification, a qualified plastic surgeon should have a caring bedside manner and a great deal of experience performing the procedure of your choice. In general, it is also important to look for a variety of before and after photos showcasing the surgeon's work and great patient testimonials. This helps to get a feel for other patients' experiences both from a visual and care-related position.

What should you consider before getting it?
It is very important to consider your own needs and goals, which will help you internalize what you would like to get from the procedure. This will allow you to establish the best possible communication with your surgeon, and ensure that he/she is able to provide you with an amazing result you are happy with.

Thoughts and suggestions on Kylie Jenner-esque lip fillers?
Kylie's lips looked great before she had filler and now they look great after filler. I can speak generally to augmenting the lips with filler, as this is a procedure I commonly perform in my office. Treating the lips with filler is a fantastic way to enhance the appearance of the lips. A filler such as Juvederm works very well; it is very soft, and yields a great looking and natural result. Overall, less is more with lip augmentation, and a conservative approach is best.

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