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Inside Adrienne Bosh's Perfect New Boutique, Sparkle & Shine, Darling

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When we asked Adrienne Bosh what her must-haves were from Sparkle & Shine, Darling, her ultra-feminine new boutique in South Beach, she simply replied, "Everything." It's easy to see why.

The store is filled with knick-knacks and novelties that could appease every person in your life. There are planners, notebooks, and stationary from Kate Spade, pastel and printed tea sets, an entire armoire dedicated to tutus for women and clothing for little girls, and an entire rack dedicated to books to help you build your own empire. Adrienne has even created her own line of Sparkle & Shine goodies, from stationary to mugs.

"I shopped for every piece in the store personally; I don't have any buyers," she tells us. "If I bought it it's because I adore it or I adore it for one of my girlfriends. I shopped for every woman in my life– all my best girlfriends, my mom, my sister. I hope they see a piece of themselves in the store."

Even if you're the kind of person who's repelled by the site of glitter, there's bound to be something to make you smile. For example, there's a section for the vixen in you, with lacy lingerie, tassels, and books of Erotic Poems. There's a section for the holistic and mystic babe in your life with plenty of Buddha statues, fun little tarot cards, and fortune telling books. Sophisticated home decor items abound here, from gold and white vases to statement candles with fun phrases like "I'm actually a mermaid" and "The thug life chose me." And there's even a section for men, whether he's looking to transform his man cave into a gentleman's pad, or he's simply ready to stock up his bar with a few cocktail essentials and guidebooks.

And that's that we haven't even gotten to the champagne and macaroons! You see the space isn't just a store– it' an event venue where you can bring your girlfriends and have a Parisian fete, with all the pastries, tea, coffee, and bubbly you can dream of. There's a small cafe within the store and an entire room out back with a table worthy of a visit from Marie Antoinette.

"I've been working on it for two years and I'm excited for everyone to see it," she tells us. Hats off to her for bringing a little bit of sparkle, and a little bit of shine to Miami.

Sparkle & Shine officially opens to the public on Monday, November 16th.