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Redbike Studios Is Offering Free Student Rides This Weekend for the FSU Vs. UM Game

Facebook/Redbike Studios

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There are a lot of perks to being a student. Discounts at J.Crew and your local fro-yo shop are one. Awesome tailgate attire is another. Free indoor cycling classes, at least for this weekend, are the ultimate win.

On Saturday the Hurricanes and the Seminoles take on their biggest rivals: each other. To celebrate Redbike Studios in Brickell is offering free rides for students everywhere all weekend long, from Friday night through Sunday morning. Panthers, Sharks, Gators, Knights– they're not discriminating. All you have to do is show up with your student ID and you'll get to ride au gratis. Yep, it's great to be a Miami Hurricane. Or a seminole... I guess.

Full discloser: the writer of this article is a former University of Miami student, if you couldn't already tell.

RedBike Studios

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