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Prepsters Get Excited: Vineyard Vines Has Opened at Merrick Park!

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If your boyfriend lives in khaki shorts, gingham button downs, and dons a bowtie when he visits his old stomping grounds for college football season, then this is going to be exciting. Vineyard Vines, the Southern brand of all Southern brands, has officially opened its doors at the Village of Merrick Park!

Couple this with Lilly Pulitzer, and you have everything you need for a day trip to West Palm Beach. The store is a pretty formidable size, made to feel like the inside of a sailboat cabin... if said sailboat cabin was filled with polos, A-line dresses, burgundy slacks, and crewneck sweaters for the entire family. It's a prime location– the University of Miami is located just blocks away, which means that all of those Hurricanes bowties Vineyard Vines makes are going to be put to good use.