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Trip Out at III Points' Super Psychedelic Fashion Installation This Weekend

Aileen Quintana

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"Welcome to the world of Haileen," Aileen Quintana tells us before describing her psychedelic fashion installation for III Points, the indie music fest taking flight in Wynwood this weekend. It's going to be a trip, and we mean this in the most literal sense of the word.

If the video below is any indication (and it is), you'll be weaving through several rooms of interactive performance art, mind-bending Bonsai trees, and even a braid bar, all inspired by her life as an artist and recent travels to Japan. "It's about the surprise factor," she says. "You walk right in and you make your own experience because of it."

Aileen, who is also a Covergirl brand ambassador, has been working with ten artists, many of them local friends, to curate her third artistic installment for the festival. There's a full wardrobe designed by Danny Santiago, and different daily performances by local creatives like musician Otto Von Schirach (of the genre, Cuba Bass) and Style Mafia's Simonett Peirera, to name a few. And of course, you won't escape this Covergirl brand ambassador's makeup brush. She and her squad of beauticians will be sketching on some trippy, eye-opening designs on your face.

The entire installation will put you in a Harajuku state of mind, and the whimsical world of Haileen will make you trip out, without even having to pop a pill. "It's about life. Life is the real high," she says. "You can trip out all on your own, you just need to be present."

Mana Wynwood

318 NW 23rd St, Miami, FL 33127, USA