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13 "Only in Miami" Costumes You Can Put Together at the Last Minute


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If you're running on Miami time regarding your Halloween costume, don't fret. We've assembled a Miami-themed list just for you, inspired by our sister site in New York, a list that will make all your super prepared friends so jealous they wished they would've waited until the last minute to figure out their Halloween costumes too.


Tourists from the Northeast in South Beach

Poor guy. He doesn't know that that two-for-one deal on Ocean Drive isn't what it seems. All you need is a tropical shirt, easily found at your nearest thrift store, cargo shorts, and a pair of Tevas (don't forget the socks). Throw in a straw hat for good measure. Walk around with a camera (or selfie stick), and a giant Fat Tuesday cup or Wet Willies flute, and don't forget to add blush to imitate the inevitable tourist sunburn.

The Bottle Rat

This is the perfect way to reuse those mouse ears you kept "just in case." All you need is your go-to body con dress, a pair of sky high heels, and a plastic magnum-sized bottle of anything (although we'd recommend emptying it beforehand so you don't get in trouble with any bouncers IRL). All you have to do is slink through the crowd and hang around your favorite table. And who can say no to a pair of mouse ears?

The Club Promoter

You know this guy. He's the one that can't tell when the sun sets. During the day, during the night, he and his sunglasses can never part. Part of his look is having gelled hair, that one "fancy" button down, and a stack of business cards in his pocket ready to hand out because it turns out he's the promoter. This guy is always the promoter. To complete the look, all you need are some small note cards in your pocket ready to handout, and to maybe team up with the Bottle Rat mentioned above.

The Real Housewives of Hialeah

Who needs the Real Housewives of Miami when you have The Real Housewives of Hialeah? According to one of our readers, all you need is an old slipper, a pastel-colored nightgown (or a bata de casa, as it's more properly known), and a wig (unless you've already jumped on the grandma grey bandwagon, then you can just put your hair in rollers). Props include a bottle of Mistolín, your escoba, a chancleta in case things get rowdy, and the sweet aroma of a Cuban kitchen.


The International Developer

Oh, don't mind this guy. He's just a very wealthy international developer who's shopping around Miami looking for the next local landmark to tear down in order to develop his next luxury condo. All you need is a nice suit, a stack of hundreds to throw around, and a posse behind you in hard hats holding floor plans. Walk around and survey each building you pass, shouting, "Miami needs more luxury!"

The Typical Miami Driver

If your friends couldn't come up with a Halloween costume this year either, grab them and a couple of cardboard boxes to be the drivers we all know and hate. All you need is a square cardboard box, which you can get at your nearest Publix, a Sharpie to draw the outline of a car, and a very obnoxious horn that you'll overuse all night. You can spend the whole night with your friends beeping, yelling obscenities, and running around. When someone asks what you are, you can signal to your friends and have them "drive" over and cut people off as they try to get to you.

A Flamingo

If you want to get a little fancier with your costume, try being the unofficial symbol of this city. All you need is a pink leotard along with a pink tutu, and some strappy high heels. It's all in the grace with this costume. Walk with your head held high all night, but when you drop something, make sure to do the bend and snap. This move was basically invented by flamingos.

The CrossFit Couple

You know this couple. They were hit by CrossFit Cupid's arrow and haven't stopped doing deadlifts and burpees together since. If you've ever attended a gym, then you have the essentials for this costume folded in your closet. Grab your Under Armour get up, your sneakers, and a protein shake. Maybe throw in some makeshift weights (cardboard and aluminum foil go a long way). At the party, tell everyone what you lift, complain about this morning's WOD, and occasionally have a party-goer take a video of you box jumping, so you could post it on Instagram. #swole


The Die-Hard Dolphins Fan

This right here is one of the most emotionally resilient residents of South Florida. Wait for someone to say, "Bro, but the Dolphins haven't won since..." and then cut them off by spitting out facts from your last Super Bowl win in 1973. All you need is a Dolphins jersey and a crazy hat, maybe a foam finger and a case of Dolphins-themed Budlight to walk around with. Props if you can legally manage to hold your own Halloween tailgate somewhere.

Zombies Celebrating A Bachelorette Party in South Beach

For all those girls who've had to attend weddings this year, grab the goodies you saved from the bachelorette bash, and reuse them for this night. The bridesmaid sash and the temporary tattoo that says "If lost, please buy me a shot" will pay off in free drinks. This costume requires a-stayed up all night- look, so tease your hair to a mess, recklessly apply some dark eyeshadow, and wear your most painful heels. You'll be allowed to trudge all night. It's part of the costume.

The Wynwood Walls

This costume is the best way to meet girls. Or get you famous on Instagram. Take a giant piece of cardboard, draw something cool on it, cut a hole out for your face, and strap it to your body. To ward off confusion, put a few stickers on top that say "Wynwood Walls" and get ready for a selfie overload.

Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush

Can't stop talking about the upcoming 2016 Presidential Election? Keep talking this Halloween and grab a friend to dress up as two of our very own Florida politicians, who also happen to be Coral Gables neighbors. You can dress up as Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush with any suit and tie. Just part your hair down the side to give off that side swept look that makes Marco drive your grandmother wild, and have a handkerchief on the ready to dab the sweat you accumulate throughout the night. As for Jeb, all you need are a pair of thin rectangular glasses, which you can find at Edward Beiner, his official campaign eyewear outfitter. There's bound to be a Donald or a Hillary out there, so feel free to spend the night debating today's issues... or just talking about Donald Trump.

The Person Who's Prepared for Miami to Sink

We've all seen the headlines warning us that our precious state of Florida will one day sink. If you believe we are just days away from sinking into the Atlantic, grab a diver's mask and a pair of flippers, and you're ready to take on the ocean!