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Lady Crush, a New Match-Making Site, Helps Girls Make Friends in Miami

Karli Evans for Racked

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Whether you've just moved to Miami or you've lived here your whole life, there's always room to add another friend to your circles. But instead of creepily camping out at coffee shops or going to events you're only marginally in to, a new site,, lets you meet other gal pals in Miami with purpose, reports Broward New Times.

The site was founded by Annik Adey-Babinski, who moved down to Miami for poetry school but found that post graduation, her close network started to move away and it wasn't as easy to make friends. "I joined a gym for women, I went to one Toastmasters," she tells New Times. "But nothing was really clicking."

After being dissatisfied with other friend match-making sites, she decided to launch her own about six weeks ago and has since been recruiting members. You'll fill out an interest survey, share your social networking profiles with her, and from there, Annik will match you to your ultimate lady crush, who is "a woman you admire, and would like befriend," her website reads. She'll also make suggestions as to what activities you should do or where you should meet.

So far she's matched ten people up and hopes to have a larger IRL meet up soon. Down the road it might be monetized, New Times reports, however for now its au gratisand only for ladies. (Although that's not to say gentlemen may not get their own bromance site soon).