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Thalía's Clothing Line Is Designed for Hard-Working, Margarita-Loving Women

Thalía launching her latest collection at Macy's at Miami International Mall
Thalía launching her latest collection at Macy's at Miami International Mall

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She's been a familiar face in every Latino household since most of us were probably kids. As the fresh-faced, rags to riches girl in the hit Mexican telenovela, "Marimar," to the internationally acclaimed singer of such hits like "Amor a la Mexicana" and "A Quien Le Importa", Thalia Sodi has been breaking barriers around the world from the start and now she's given us another reason to love her with a fun and sexy fashion line for the every woman.

We caught up with the Latina beauty at Macy's at Miami International Mall, where we gabbed all about her latest fall collection (prints!), her travel must-haves (here's a clue), and that not-so glamorous denim cowboy outfit from way back when (sorry, Cavalli)!

You have such a loyal fanbase. All of your fans have been out here for hours waiting to get a glimpse of you. Does it ever get old for you?

Never! That's my inspiration. That's why I continue reinventing myself in so many different areas. I think they are the ones that keep me going in every single way and to be here and to know that some of them came from Brazil, some of them came from Argentina, just to be here today in Miami with me, I think that's the gift of this career.

And now you've added designer to all the things you've already accomplished. Why did you want to come out with your own collection?

I think to me, that inspiration, again, was that woman, that has one or two or three [jobs] in one day, and from there she goes home, she takes care of the kids, cooks, does homework, then she takes care of her husband, and if she's lucky enough, she can go out to have a margarita with her friends, and start all over again the next day. So to me, I wanted to make her life simple with comfortable fabrics that hide the places that you have to hide, and make them look glamorous, gorgeous, sexy, but always elegant.

Miami has its own fashion! We love our prints and we love our colors. Tell me what you love most about dressing Miami women?

What I like is that in this collection– we have different collections for different markets, especially for Miami– it comes with something more colorful. More little dresses, more gust, more flow, maybe prints, more animal prints, more flowers. I know my girl! I know what she wants and that's why I'm so happy. Because the shoes are sexy, the jewelry is incredible, so glam and elegant. And the outfits– with the dresses, the jeans, the pants, everything– is always like a second skin. You don't have to have something tight or uncomfortable to look good, no?!

What's in your suitcase when you come to Miami? What are your must-haves?

Makeup! Makeup! Makeup! My must-have... I have to have a comfortable yoga outfit. A must. Because I'm always with the kids on the go. I'm always running after them. So I need to have sneakers and comfortable yoga clothes. But then I think just like a simple gypsy dress, with like a nice piece of jewelry or bracelet. That's it. It does the trick!

Do you give fashion tips to everyone in your house? Do you say, ‘you gotta wear this,' or ‘we're not wearing that?'

No. I tried to do that and it was impossible! Especially with my daughter, Sabrina. She has a mind of her own. She wears her leggings and then on top she can add like a tutu and then on top she can have like a tank top and then a sweater off the shoulder. I mean she has all these ways she dresses and its amazing. She has her own style! In fact, she works with me on some of the ideas in here. It's funny because she comes and says, ‘Mami, why don't you add this dress from my doll that has stars to this leopard. Why don't you combine the two of them?'  or 'Mami, you have a point!' So she has great ideas and I always listen to her.

Is it possible for you to actually have a faux pas, ‘what was I thinking?!' moment? If you look back in your career, you think of an outfit and say, ‘why did I wear that?!"

Millions! (laughs)

Give us one good one!
I think there's one I'm always like, ‘why?!' because I had so many amazing options that day. Donatella [Versace] sent me some incredible gowns, this other [designer] one sent me this other thing, there was a Valentino dress that I had, so why did I go with a Cavalli denim suit? It was like denim boots here, a short little dress here, a long denim coat. Still today, I'm like, ‘why?!' I'm still thinking about that Versace dress! Why?! That was the one!