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Walgreens on Lincoln Is Out, a Fast Fashion Store Might Be In

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You know the Walgreens we're talking about. It's the one you stop at for beer runs on your way to the beach, or for that last minute bottle of wine you're going to gift your friend from out of town who's staying somewhere on Collins. Well, it's not going to be there for much longer. Instead, we might be seeing a big fast fashion brand pop up there very soon.

The 15,895-square-foot space is up for lease, reports The Real Deal, and the ideal candidate is a fast fashion retailer, much like H&M and Zara. As for Walgreens, it's moving on out to a larger location across the street and its current shop will be closed by December.

So since there's already a Zara and an H&M, who could it be? Count discount retailers like Ross and Marshall's out (those are already opening on and off Lincoln Road), although with the way Lincoln Road's retail lineup is going, you never know. Here are our ten top suggestions, although we'll add that Uniqlo isn't on the list and might make for a good addition.


100 Lincoln Rd, Miami Beach, FL 33139, USA