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This Pinecrest Fitness Studio Wants You to Work Out in the Dark

Includes cosmo-blasting TVs, mood scenting, and five challenging classes.


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"If you're not present, you're not experiencing life," says Guillermo DeNovi, the co-founder of Sensory, a one of a kind immersive group fitness studio tucked away in Pinecrest that features five challenging workouts, a state of the art sound system, 84-inch HD TVs that display images of anything from the cosmos to Amazonian rainforests, and total darkness save for the black lights beaming down on you. That's right; besides your glowing white tee, you're working out in the dark.

"Our goal is to give you the ultimate fitness experience every single time," says co-owner and personal trainer Enrique Gomez. The only way to do that is to get you totally out of your head and into your body, and the best way to that is by not letting you see what anybody else is doing, including yourself.

Choose from interval and strength training classes; a yoga, Thai-chi, and Pilates-infused stretch class; six-pack sculpting sessions; and the studio's signature swing class, which is basically an intro course to twerking. But whatever predisposed misconceptions you have about twerk fit or dance cardio classes from Zumba, salsa, or Vixen Workout, be sure to toss them out the window, because this is unlike any other dance workout that you've done before. Sensory's fearless twerk leader, the very sensual Wallace, has moves (and music) that make you dance as if you're in a nightclub, which you might as well be.

Of course glowing in the dark whilst you twerk or handstand is pure Instagram gold, but it's also about stimulation, which Sensory delivers in every sense of the word. It does so without any machines or gimmicks; just minimal weights and pure body and core strength exercises.

The owners spent months coming up with each workout; DeNovi combining his Physical Therapy doctorate and Gomez contributing his personal training expertise. If you're into calorie-counting you'll be pleased to know that you can burn anywhere from 250 of those suckers in the 30-minute six-pack class to 750 in the interval class, but Sensory is more than that; the studio is all about finding your flow, which in their words, is a peak state of mind where you are fully present. It's why Sensory uses mood lighting, visual projections, and invigorating scents throughout all of its classes. "The best way to get let go of that negative energy and thoughts is by being present and in your body at all times," says DeNovi.

Here you check your thoughts at the door. Forget whatever deadlines you didn't meet that day. Forget the dark romance currently consuming you. Forget the fact that Miami traffic has lessened your sanity to near depletion. Most importantly, though, forget whatever fears, anxiety, or other feelings you're feeling at the moment and simply be. In other words, just flow with the flow of the universe.


8790 SW 132nd St, Miami, FL 33176, USA