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Naeem Khan May or May Not Get $1.5 Million From Dade-County to Fund His Miami Headquarters


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It's been almost one year since Naeem Khan announced that he was relocating his headquarters and manufacturing facilities to Miami, which will be big enough to hold conferences, and the ball is already in motion. The designer has requested $1.5 million in Miami-Dade County bond funds to cover his infrastructure improvement costs, however a little hiccup may stand in the way.

This week the county will consider the motion through the Building Better Communities General Obligation Bond Program, a voter-approved fund that comes out of property tax assessments. Here's the problem: the county has already allocated all of the funds to 10 other applicants, which includes SkyRise Miami, the Overtown Gateway, and River Landing Miami. Khan will only be granted the money if one of those fail to qualify, and he's not the only one waiting. Four are good to go while the other six need either a little additional negotiation or a lot. Either way, the facility is looking at a November 2018 opening.