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Adrienne Bosh's Sparkle-Filled Boutique and Cafe Has an Opening Date!

Facebook/Sparkle and Shine, Darling

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If you, too, are a cult follower of Adrienne Bosh, then you'll know one of two things. First, that she just announced she's having twins (yay!) and second, her pastel-pink boutique, cafe, and event space, Sparkle & Shine, Darling, is on the cusp of opening.

Sparkle and Shine, Darling will be opening on Monday November 16th, just in time to stock up on home goods, gifts, accessories, champagne, and macaroons for the holidays. (Now whether or not you can part with them for gifting is going to be tough). If her Facebook is any indication, it's a breath of fresh glitter in South Beach. She has branded notebooks, towels, umbrellas, pillows, clipboards, phone cases and more, all begging for an Instagram shout out ASAP. Mrs. Bosh personally loves the macarons and her own branded music cubes, as she revealed to, so take that into account as you line up on opening day.

Editor's Note: This article has been updated to reflect the correct opening date.

Sparkle and Shine Darling

1665 Alton Rd, Miami Beach, FL 33139, USA