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Beyoncé and Jay-Z Eyeing Beckham's Miami Soccer Team

Photo: Getty
Photo: Getty

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In today's rumor pool, Jay-Z and Beyoncé supposedly have a $100 million investment set for David Beckham's Miami soccer franchise, which we have yet to see. According to, Jay-Z and Beckham have each other's numbers on lock. "If he wants investment, we are good friends, he has my number. I trust David. It would be exciting going into business with him."

Curbed reports that other celebs like Tom Cruise and Will Smith may be on board, but Beckham is amongst Jay-Z's biggest fans (he has one of the rapper's song lyrics tattooed on his hand) and Jay-Z already has plenty of experience in the sporting arena, having formerly co-owned the Brooklyn Nets and having recently launched Roc Nation Sports. Hey, if that means more Beyoncé karaoke-crashing sessions, we're all for it.
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