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Meet Nina Agdal, Leggy Fitness Instructor, at Redbike's Ride

Photo: Getty
Photo: Getty

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First she teaches a surprise class at Barry's Bootcamp. Now Nina Agdal is gearing up to lead a charity ride powered by RedBike Studios on February 7 during Miami's best-looking athletic event, the Lesutra Model Beach Volleyball presented by Wildfox. Could the Sports Illustrated model and frequenter of the Magic City be switching her role to become the city's leggiest fitness instructor?

Probably not, but she is a sucker for a good cause. The SuperSweat Redbike ride (which actually takes place on 8th and Ocean) aims to benefit the Irie Foundation, which focuses on South Florida's youth. Tickets are currently on sale for $500 (with tax), but before you flip your frugal switch, listen to what's included: Nina's autograph, Wildfox sunglasses and a swimsuit, a tshirt by good hYOUman, a full Keurig brewing system, a pair of Muzik headphones, one complimentary Zeel massage, and a one year unlimited membership to Redbike Studios. This is seriously a steal. Plus, there are only 35 seats available, which translates into some serious one-on-one time with Nina herself. That's a win-win for everyone, folks.