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The Ultimate Instagram Guide to Becoming the Next Miss Universe

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Weather isn't the only thing making Miami the most beautiful city in America right now. Over the past two weeks, 88 flawless women representing their countries have flocked to Miami in preparation for this Sunday's Miss Universe competition, showing us the road to universal domination, one selfie at a time.

From how to workout with your hair intact to taking the ultimate shoe selfie in Wynwood, we've rounded up the ultimate off-duty guide to becoming the next Miss Universe, as told by the contestants themselves as they traveled around town.

How to Look Flawless While Golfing

Form is everything, as Miss Bahamas discovered when she found her next calling in life...

We all love you @realdonaldtrump @missuniverse #missuniverse #doral #confidentlybeautiful

A photo posted by elviraelph (@elviraelph) on

...and, if all else fails, make sure you're kissing up to the owner of the course.


A photo posted by @celestine_queen on

And never underestimate the power of teamwork.

#Repost @missuniverse with @repostapp.
Caption this action shot!! #MissUniverse #TrumpDoral

A photo posted by Chanel Beckenlehner MUC14 (@municanada) on

And remember: it's not about making a hole in one, but about how you good you look doing it.

How to Look Uh-Mazing On and Off Duty

It's totally cool to keep it prim and proper sometimes...

After the preliminary competition #MissTurkey #MissUniverse

Dilan Çiçek Deniz (@dilandeniz) tarafından paylaşılan bir fotoğraf ()

...but never underestimate the power of a good leather jacket and badass pose...

Outfit for the evening! Clutch bag from @Ted_baker #MissUniverse #Missuniverse2014 #misssweden #Sweden #TrumpDoral #Miami #Doral

A photo posted by Camilla Hansson (@misscamillahansson) on

...especially if said jacket is blue and from Ted Baker and perfect in every way.

My outfit for the interview today! Love it

Kuva, jonka E L I S E D A L B Y (@elisedalby) julkaisi

Miss Norway shoes us that floral crowns are here to stay.

En el evento de #chineselaundry con sus hermosos zapatos y mi sombrero de @sensistudio !!!

Una foto publicada por Silvia Alejandra Argudo (@arin625) el

Nothing says "gorgeous world dominator" like a sleek pair of white slacks...

Nos parecemos ??? #Missuniverse #MissBolivia ❤️

A photo posted by Claudita Tavel Antelo (@clauditatavel) on

...but if you do decide to wear a skirt, make sure it matches your surroundings.

Whatever you're wearing, make sure you stand with purpose.

Had a blast at the Trump National Doral Miami! Really love it !

A photo posted by Paulina Vega Dieppa (@paulinavegadiep) on

...and when all else fails, just STRUT.

We all know this, but never underestimate the power of a solid pair of heels.

And, if possible, master the art of the "moody fashion blogger pose". Miss Switzerland has it down to a science, mostly because she herself is afashion blogger.

How to Not Look Like You Broke a Sweat at the Gym

Step one to having a successful workout sesh? Match your gym clothes to your wall as closely as possible.

Step two? Make sure you're being trained by a fellow contestant.

But really, breaking it down with your friends at a Zumba-thon works too.

#MissTurkey #MissUniverse

Dilan Çiçek Deniz (@dilandeniz) tarafından paylaşılan bir fotoğraf ()

Or you could just forego the workout all together and skip to the after-gym-session selfie...

How to Take the Perfect Shoe Selfie


A photo posted by Nia Sanchez | MissUSA (@realniasanchez) on

Ensure you find floorspace you really connect with, like this...

Let love be the reason you breathe! ❤️ #BrittoCentral

A photo posted by (@seenbyzoulou) on

...or this...

#MissTurkey #MissUniverse @brittopopart

A photo posted by Dilan Çiçek Deniz (@dilandeniz) on

...and definitely this.

Otherwise, grab a set of friends with matching pumps and go balls to the wall with a shoe selfie explosion.

How to Take the Perfect Selfie, Period

Morning!! #missserbia #MissUniverse lovely day in Doral Miami!!!

A photo posted by Andjelka Tomasevic (@atomasevicc) on

If you're posting in the morning, ensure there are sunglasses, coffee in hand, and a supply of reading materials.

With ❤️❤️ Donald Trump ❤️❤️ Im glad to be here @missuniverse

A photo posted by Zuleica_wilson (@_zuleicawilson_) on

...but if you really mean business, then make sure the Trump man makes a cameo...

group love #missuniverse

A photo posted by @geegee_ayugi on

...or the entire posse of new friends you made at the competition.

Fun fact: I've never been to #Miami before. And I'm on #MiamiBeach for the first time this morning! #MissUSA

Un vídeo publicado por Nia Sanchez | MissUSA (@realniasanchez) el

Announce yourself when you're visiting a new place, like Miss America did when she admitted she'd never been to Miami (spoiler: she loves it)!

Mañana lista #ecuador #venezuela #MissVenezuela #missecuador #vam8svzla #MissUniverse #missuniverso @arin625

Un vídeo publicado por Migbelis Castellanos (@milynette) el

And keep your fans and fellow countrymen posted on every detail of the competition.

How to Wear a Miami Heat Jersey and Mean It

#TeamUSA all day #MissUniverseAtMiamiHeat @miamiheat #Miamiheatdancers #MissUSATravels #MissUniverse

A photo posted by Nia Sanchez | MissUSA (@realniasanchez) on

Flaunt your country like you've won a championship ring.

Don't be scared to add your own unique touches... these insanely bright multicolor leggings.

Rocking my #MiamiHeat vest #AmericanAirlinesArena #Miami #basketball #TeamGB #GreatSuccess #GreatBritain

A photo posted by Grace Levy (@gracielevy) on

Or you could be like Miss Great Britain and wear no pants at all.

Bieeen!!! Todo Listo! Hoy vamos a ir a ver a los #MiamiHeat #Ilovebasket recordando mi niñez! Me encanta ese deporte!!

A photo posted by Valentina Ferrer (@valferrerp) on

But then hiding inside your custom-made jersey works too.

How to Cause Serious Bikini Envy

Bask in the glory of your near-flawless body...

Draw me like one of your french girls ☀️ #MissTurkey #MissUniverse @zeki_triko

A photo posted by Dilan Çiçek Deniz (@dilandeniz) on that you, too, may request a live portrait of yourself lounging poolside.

I wanna be a dj! Jajaj

Una foto publicada por Paulina Vega Dieppa (@paulinavegadiep) el

Ensure you're tight with the DJ.

Two hot bods are better than one...

...unless it's one hot bod slipping through a death-defying slide for your country...


Un vídeo publicado por Nia Sanchez | MissUSA (@realniasanchez) el

...or a video of three hot bods running through South Beach.

Hello to all my fellow Aussies #miami #aussie #missuniverse

A photo posted by Tegan Martin (@tegan.martin) on

Either way, we're still trying to figure out if this is a Barbie doll or a real human being.

How to Take Miami Like a Pageant Girl

It's ok to skip your diet and dig in on some authentic Cuban cuisine...

...or dig in to a delicious Lebanese dinner at Layali Miami.

Then again, Italian always works when you're in serious need of a carb overload.

For me steak, please ✌️ It' delicious #misscroatia #missuniverse #missuniversecroatia2014 ❤️#doralmiami

A photo posted by Miss Universe Croatia 2014 (@ivanamissura) on

Wherever you go, though, make sure you're dressed to the nines.

Night off.. Doing our nails together! @misscamillahansson @seenbyzoulou @celestine_queen

A photo posted by Doron Matalon (@doronmatalon) on

Always make sure you bring a posse with you when you're fixing up your manis and pedis.

If you do decide to transform your mane days before the competition, make sure you're doing it at one of the best salons to get your hair colored in Miami.

We went to Little Havana to make a video for the Miss Universe final! #yamamay #Missuniverse #missnorway

A photo posted by E L I S E D A L B Y (@elisedalby) on

And make sure you're visiting the "real Miami". Just look at Miss Norway in Little Havana. We mean, she's practically a local now.