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Miami's Most Clichéd Instagram Belongs to a Dollar Store Doll

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A photo posted by @dollarstoredolly305 on

If you weren't already following the real Barbie on Instagram, that's ok. Apparently there's a new plastic figurine in town, and if we can deduce anything by her name, @dollarstoredolly305, she may hail from your local Dollar Tree. But wherever this footlong being came from doesn't matter. It's what she's doing next that does, because as she puts it, "Sometimes I'm a bit of a bitch but I'm certainly not basic! Lol!"

The doll seems to be a hoax by Miami New Times and premiered today in Riptide's blog article, "Miami's Biggest Instagram Clichés," an in-depth look at those basic Instagram posts that are outright necessary when traversing Miami's streets and outposts. This includes, of course, taking inaugural selfies around Wynwood, posting pictures of expensive drinks and cuisine at Miami's fine dining establishments, showing proof that you were at exclusive #VIP events with 75 of your closest friends, exploring your artistic side with images of oiled legs at the beach, and, of course, mandatory club light photography (although we think video would be more appropriate). It just shows how #blessed we are to live here.

Know of any more clichés? Let's talk about them in the comments below.
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