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Florida Is One of the Most Boastful States on Social Media

Photo: Shutterstock
Photo: Shutterstock

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Florida is one of the most boastful states in America. HeyLets, a city-guide app, asked 2,500 social-media users to let them in on the number of self-promotional posts they put up (a.k.a. that new job promotion, that recent trip to Tahiti with your beau) and found that out of fifty states, Florida ranks 19th in amount of "brag-ommendatons."

The most popular topics we brag about include going on trips, attending events, meeting noteworthy people, nice things your beau did for you and work-related good news. Included in the list of bragees was California, New York, Nevada, Illinois and Georgia, where more than half of the survey's participants engaged in self-promotion posts. The most humble state of all is Utah, with Oregon following shortly after.
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