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Barre Motion Adds More Intense Classes to Its Roster

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Racked Award winner Barre Motion has just introduced two more classes onto its roster: Advanced Motion and Yoga Motion. Advanced Motion is a faster paced version of their original barre class, and includes more cardio, more challenging sequences and stretches, and briefer transitions between all of them. Classes begin on January 19.

Yoga Motion, on the other hand, is a hybrid class that combines the best of barre and the best of yoga. The class starts with sun salutations, and continues on with balance poses, glute and core strengthening, stretching and some savasana. The official class launches on January 21, but you can enjoy a free sample of the class on Saturday, January 24 at 11am.Check the schedule for exact class times for both.

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Barre Motion

1560 Lenox Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139