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Lost Boy Dry Goods Brings Good Ol' U.S. Denim to Downtown

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Images via Justin Namon

More denim for the denizens of Miami, we say! Lost Boy Dry Goods has opened in Downtown Miami, and boasts stacks and racks of premium and affordable jeans, collared shirts, tees and even dresses, all set within a very, very Western themed backdrop. Oh, and there's hot sauce. Plenty of hot sauce.

But this store has roots deeper than a modern day Western. Brian and Randy Alonso are the brothers behind this new Downtown concept, but they've been in the Miami retail scene since the day they both saw daylight. Their grandfather founded one of Cuba's most popular department stores, La Epoca, which just so happens to be Miami's oldest running, almost native, department store. Sound familiar? We covered it indepthly here.

Randy and Brian's Cuban roots served only as impetus for running the store, not as the inspiration. The reigning theme inside is completely Americana, cuing us back to denim's history: mining, industrial factories and the Wild, Wild West. Almost every decorative detail inside is repurposed, from old paintings of ex-presidents and Texan deer antlers on the walls to the reclaimed wooden shelves and weathered Baby Grand piano on the floor piled with a range of denim from pricier labels like Levi's Made and Crafted to the more modestly priced like Scotch & Soda. In fact, the name comes from an old ski run in Colorado where Randy and Brian's father taught them how to ski. How much more heritage can you ask for?

Like our adventure seeking forefathers who traversed the Mississippi, these boys are helping to pioneer Downtown Miami towards a new era of retail. So plow through the murky waters that are Downtown's streets and check out the new space. It's the American thing to do.
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