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Lululemon's Lincoln Road Store Is Pretty Underwhelming So Far

Image via Curbed Miami
Image via Curbed Miami

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Lululemon's Lincoln Road facade is, well, pretty boring. The once lush Van Dyke terrace has been swiped to reveal cold, clean walls and doors, and the ivy that once grew on the walls has been removed to reveal a rather dark and dull shade of yellow. Reportedly, these changes are more reflective of what the original building was, however Curbed Miami reports that the only historical element is a sole iron door. See the full gallery here.

No word on whether or not the ivy will creep back up, however we do know the store will open by year's end, with a very colorful interior by the artist who decked out the Norwegian Getaway's hull. Van Michael's Salon will open up above and for now, the red awnings on the outside of Van Dyke's former jazz lounge remain. What do you think about these changes, huh? Let's discuss below.
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