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JetSet Pilates is Trailblazing Boutique Fitness in Wynwood

Welcome to Workout Wednesday, where we shed the limelight on Miami's hottest fitness trends, studios and workouts.

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The only thing dangerous about the new JetSet Pilates in Wynwood, is that Zak the Baker is located next door. That, and the fact that you might just sweat through your clothes. No, not just might. You will.

Since its first studio opened in South Beach back in 2010, JetSet has been covered by the likes of Details and Shape magazines, and every other local publication and website in Miami. At their second location in Coral Gables, patrons must book their workouts at least a week in advance to secure a spot on one of the studio's 12 SPX Megaformer machines, and this newly opened Wynwood location is gaining just as much popularity having been opened for just over a week.

Let's get one thing straight about JetSet: this is not a Pilates class. It's Pilates-inspired, yes, however it places about as much emphasis on strength training, core training and conditioning as it does traditional Pilates principals. JetSet is the only studio in Miami to use the Lagree Fitness Megaformer, a contraption with all the bells and whistles you'd need to tone, but that also invokes a sense of fear into someone who's never seen one in their life. Not that we were scared or anything…

"It's a higher level of work ethic; it's not your average rodeo," says Aryan Rashed , Co-Founder of JetSet Coral Gables and JetSet Wynwood. " I personally train professional athletes like guys in the NFL, the MLB, and the NBA. You see people at that skill level come in and say it's pretty tough."

Although the workout is used by patients at Jackson Memorial Hospital as well, be warned it's not for the faint of muscle. Aryan, who also practices law and is a Lululemon ambassador, says you can burn between 600 and 800 calories in one 50 minute workout, and you'll start to feel sore within 36 hours. Better yet, you'll start to see changes within your body by your third class, and because they have over 800 different moves to play with, no two classes will ever be alike, so you can count on not being bored for a very, very long time.

Let's zoom into the neighborhood though. Everyone talks about Wynwood but, funnily enough, no one actually lives there. What inspired the JetSet team to open up shop in this artsy 'hood?

"When we first moved in here people thought we were completely crazy," Aryan says. "I think in the past Wynwood had kind of gotten a reputation for being seedy. To me Wynwood has always reminded me of The Mission in San Francisco. It's cool, it's smart, and you've got diverse people. It's one of my favorite parts of Miami that I think is growing, but there aren't many fitness locations around here."

Should that be a sign that boutique fitness concepts don't work around Wynwood? Not according to the waiting list that rolls out every Saturday. "To see that were classes are full during the first week of our opening demonstrates that there is a market, whether you're driving from Brickell, or you're a young professional taking Biscayne down from work, or you live in Morning Side," she says. Her advice to get into these? Book them at least a week in advance.

Like most businesses in the neighborhood, JetSet is really trying to mesh in with the artsy Wynwood vibe. One way they're doing this is by commissioning an artist to come by and deck out one of their walls for Art Basel in an installation that will involve horses, women, machines and elements of the workout. As one of the first boutique fitness concepts in the area, they're helping to make Wynwood a place that you can just as easily live in during the week as you can play at during the weekend. And if we can get in shape while they do it, why the heck not?

Interested in trying JetSet? Purchase a single session for $30, or enjoy their startup special: two weeks of unlimited classes for just $119!
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