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City of Miami May Soon Ban the Sale of Puppies in Pet Stores

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Image via Shutterstock
Image via Shutterstock

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In today's fluff, City of Miami commissioners are looking to ban the sale of puppies. No, not because they're evil and have no souls. It's because they care about our furry friends enough to shut down 13 operating pet stores within Dade County who may be getting their dogs from puppy mills, according to CBS Miami.

What this ban means is that no new puppy stores will be able to open for the next six months so that Commissioners can study those results and decide then if they want to shut them down for good. According to Miami New Times, the ban won't apply to breeders.

According to, an animal rights organization, Aventura, North Miami Beach, Bay Harbour, Bal Harbour, Sunny Isles, Miami Beach, Pinecrest, Palmetto Bay and Cutler Bay have all banned pet stores selling cats and dogs over the past two years. Coral Gables, Opa-Locka and North Bay Village's jurisdictions apply to dogs only, but those cities banned them first in Miami. It's one small step for mankind, one giant leap for four-legged friends everywhere.
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