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Rodents and Droppings Found at Sawgrass Mills and Galleria Mall

Image via Shutterstock
Image via Shutterstock

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Think twice before you consider eating at Galleria Mall and Sawgrass Mills. Health inspectors found some serious rodent droppings at three of Galleria's eateries, including Piazza Di Giorgio Cafe, Sbarro and Season's 52. At Piazza Di Giorgio, they even found some gnawed out pizza boxes, and we all know humans don't usually eat cardboard. All reopened after passing followup inspections just hours later, which is a little bit concerning.

At Sawgrass, it gets worse. At Miami's Best Latin American Grill, they found live cockroaches practically everywhere: the walls, around rice cookers, in an ice bucket, throughout the sinks. Gross, guys. Maybe one should think twice before picking up a sampler on the go.
· Rodent problem shutters Galleria Mall's Seasons 52, Sbarro, Food Court [SFBJ]