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Images via Raquel Zaldivar
No one struts it down a slackline like Megan Johnson, our final Hottest Trainer contestant. Not only is she the co-founder of Slacroduo, a fitness brand she created with her hubby-to-be that infuses AcroYoga, slackline, partner acrobatics, yoga and parkour, she also teaches boxing, bootcamp, TRX suspension training, spinning and more at Canyon Ranch, not to mention bootcamp at Green Monkey, and yoga at Flamingo Fitness Center in South Beach. An adventurer at heart, you can find her slacklining over canyons in Oregon or doing AcroYoga in the waterfall cliffs of Maui with her future hubby (who she met in a yoga class!) when she's not staying fit or "flying" with her clients. Read on to learn more about this fine and flexible chick, and how she lifts 270 pound men with her bare feet and hands.

What got you into AcroYoga and why do you love it?
Growing up I was a competitive cheerleader and as the flyer, I was the one always up in the air. I went to one class and was hooked. Then I brought my fiancé and we were both hooked. We pretty much started that together the first week we met, and we've been together almost three years. It's my favorite thing to do, being upside down and up in the air. I've always been very agile and strong and flexible already, but once I got on a yoga routine I saw myself improve with everything: speed, strength, mobility. And that's all from yoga and flexibility training. It makes you better at whatever it is you're doing typically.

Tell me more about this flying business!
So in AcroYoga, I'll meet somebody and I'll say 'let me fly you!' They'll get up on my feet and I'll lift them in the air. That's the best thing: letting people experience that and giving them their first flight. I've flown a guy who's 6'6, 230 pounds and a guy who's 6'1 and 270 pounds, so anytime I see a really big person I ask to let me fly them! Most of the time they're like, scared. I'm 5'3!

Sign: Scorpio.

Relationship status: Engaged.

Favorite cheat food: Chocolate peanut butter ice cream.

When you're not training: I'm paddle boarding, bike riding, rollerblading, going to Skanda Yoga studio, slack lining and acroyoga. I'm always active!

If you weren't a trainer you'd be: interested in becoming a healthy gourmet chef.

In your gym bag: headphones, a heart rate monitor, sweatbands, a water bottle, a wallet and gloves.

Favorite motivational phrase: Consistency over time is key.
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