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Touristy Finds and Chicken and Waffles with We Are Handsome

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Welcome to Style Sabbaticals, where we reveal what the fashion industry's top professionals did on their Miami vacay and most importantly, where they shopped!

Image via We Are Handsome

Swim Week may have wrapped up a few weeks ago, but that didn't stop We Are Handsome founders Jeremy and Katinka Somers from lingering in the Florida sun for a while after. The Australian husband and wife duo blew up Instagram with their tantalizing photos of pristine beaches, resorts and strangely beautiful unfinished mansions up and down the coast from Miami to Key West. Click through to read about what they packed, where they found the best chicken and waffles in town, and what strange touristy find tickled Katinka's fancy.

What were you doing here in Miami and the Florida Keys?
We took part in Swim Week and showed on opening night in the Oasis tent to a huge audience. We also took a little time off to drive down to the keys and stop in at all the interesting beaches, bars and beachside stalls.

What did you pack for your trip?
We packed quite light, as we know how humid and hot Miami is. So lots of swimwear, cotton, linen and denim in the form of shorts and shirts, and of course a few pairs of sunglasses!

Where is your favorite place to shop in Miami?
We love Atrium. We enjoy the well edited collection of pieces. The merchandising strategy of grouping attire by colour palette is quite unique and it makes picking the perfect outfit even easier.

What's the sexiest or weirdest thing you've ever purchased in Miami? Katinka: Well, we didn't buy anything weird or sexy but I did buy a distressed denim visor in the keys that reads Conch Republic. It is possibly the most American thing I now own and I love it!

Something you loved about Miami?
The food! We have fallen in love with the 50 Eggs group of restaurants [Yardbird Southern Table + Bar, Swine Southern Table + Bar, Khong River House]. We had a stand out meal at the Southern-style eatery Yardbird; the chicken and waffles are the very best we've ever had!

Something you hated?
Traffic! There is a lot of traffic going from South Beach to the city and back, but on the flip side it's a scenic drive.

Sum up Miami in one word: Tropical.
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