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No one messes with the Vixen Army, especially with Janet Jones at the helm. The "Twerkmander-in-Chief," as she's called, can break it down to Rick Ross, wind it up to Rihanna and booty-pop like Beyonce at the blast of a beat, and what's better is that she's inspired a barrage of women from coast to coast to drop it like they've never dropped it before. After ditching the "adult" life working in corporate America, Janet hustled back to dancing, the career she'd known her entire life, and opened up her own dance studio. From there, the Vixen Workout was born, and since 2012 it's been trimming down waistlines and giving women an outlet to show off how much girl power they're really working with. Read on to learn more about the woman behind the fiercest workout in America, her favorite jams to get down and dirty to, and what kind of insect-originated aphrodisiac she'd like to add to your juice.

What inspired you to start Vixen?
I never started Vixen for it to be what it's become. I was a performer my entire life and I kind of felt the pressure because all of the friends I had grown up with were already married and having kids. When you're in your 20s, at least in Miami coming from a Latin culture, you feel like by the time you're 30 your entire life has to be figured out. I gave everything up I had known to become what I considered an adult: have a job in corporate America with benefits, get married, have a child. In doing so I completely lost my sense of self, completely lost what identified me as me. So when I got laid off from my job it forced me to go back to the only career I had known all my life, which was dancing. I opened up a dance studio called Street Jamz and decided to do a fitness workout for my friends that I originally thought would bring in mothers with kids, but a few weekends before my first class I went out to a nightclub with my girlfriends. They put all of our favorite songs that, in a private setting we would go crazy if we listened to them, but since my friends were professionals and mothers with titles we felt like we couldn't act ourselves even in a setting like a nightclub. That's what kind of gave me the idea to create the Vixen workout.

What inspires you to get up every morning and be a Vixen instructor?
I see how life changing it is for some of these women. The whole inspiration behind it came from my struggles as a woman, so I had that in my thought process while developing it— what do these women need? How can I make them feel more confident and help them in their lives? The whole thought process behind the workout has that as our mission, which is why I feel it's been so successful. Granted, there's tons of other workouts where you get great results, but what if you get a great result by also fixing a woman from the inside out?

Sign: Aries.

Relationship status: Engaged.

Favorite cheat meal: Pizza!

In your gym bag: My Beats headphones, my laptop, an iPad mini as backup for my music, a water bottle, protein bar, towel, a makeup bag and makeup wipes.

Favorite song to get down and dirty to: Bugatti by Ace Hood is one of the first routines we've ever done, but for some reason that song still does it for me!

Biggest pet peeve at a Vixen class: For a lot of these women, it's probably the only time they can get together and be with their friends so a lot of times they'll be in class talking about their ex-boyfriends or having a full on conversation like it's a bar, but it's not. It's a workout.

When you're not teaching Vixen: I'm a mom to Ava. I'm at the office now and have her with me, so I'm probably going to take her to the park and for some ice cream. My time when I'm not working is really valuable. I'm a total mom.

If you had a juice named after you, what would it be called and what would it contain?
It would be called Fierce and it would have energy mixed with Spanish Fly. It's like an aphrodisiac people use.

Favorite motivational phrase: Stay hungry. Live fierce.
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