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Images via Ashley Brozic

PJ Venturino doesn't stop. A former body builder and Long Island native, he's been whipping bodies into shape at Crunch South Beach for over a year now, and when he's not training until the wee hours of the night, you can catch him doing anything but sitting down— basketball, swimming, running, yoga, you name it, although his workout of choice would have to be hitting the punching bags, Rocky style, as a mixed martial arts instructor. He's a non-gimmicky trainer— no trendy workout fads, no celebrity-endorsed plans. He's just a simple guy on the move who will make sure you're the best (looking!) version of yourself you can be. Click through to learn more about PJ, his many Astrological lion tattoos and his deep, undying craving for sweet potato fries.

Relationship status: Single.

Sign: Leo. I have a lot of tattoos of lions.

Favorite cheat meal: Oh this is easy. Sweet potato fries, pancakes and muffins.

A typical day for you is: I probably get up at 7am, have two meals, and then do my workout. So I'd do an hour on the beach, like sprints and swimming. Then I'll go to the gym and do my weight routine. Usually about 12 or 1pm, I'll start my training all my clients. Then I work from then to 9pm training people as much or as often as possible.

When you're not training, you are: I workout every day, but I like to paddle board. I'm a beach boy, so I moved to Miami to be close to the beach. I play basketball. I mean, my whole life is pretty much working out, but for me it's the most enjoyable part of the day.

Biggest pet peeve at the gym: People not re-racking the weights. Then some lady tries to use it and then there's eight 45-pound weights on the press machine and she's sitting there trying to take them off. It's inconsiderate of other people's space and equipment.

If you weren't a trainer, you'd be: I can't see myself not doing anything related to fitness. It's pretty much my entire life, so it'd be hard for me to, you know, make a 180 and do something different. So no desk job for me, no sitting down during the day, no suit and tie. Probably some area of fitness I would always want to be involved in.
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