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Images via Ashley Brozic

Don't be surprised if you see Amy Dannheim dropping her yoga mat and hip-hop beats at any given spot around South Beach. She lives and breathes the yogi lifestyle traveling between her classes at Green Monkey in Sunset Harbour and Exhale South Beach via bicycle (she recently sold her car for the greater good). With the help of her husband, she's recently launched Purdy Ave, a brand that celebrates the hip Sunset Harbour neighborhood with a collections of T-shirts and, soon, other products. The local love is strong here, as is the love for a good chaturanga, so click through to learn a little more about Amy and why she digs blasting Warren G during during her most zen moments.

You teach yoga all around South Beach. Are there any classes that are particular to you?
I love to teach the hip hop flow, so I throw in some Jay Z, Kanye, definitely some Beyonce. I make it really fun and kind of add a vibe to your yoga class that you might not expect. That's really fun for if your bringing a boyfriend to class to try and get him into yoga. It kind of debunks yoga as this sort of, holistic, chanting music experience.

What got you into yoga?
I started getting into yoga about six years ago. I was always a runner and an athlete and I thought yoga would never be enough of a workout. I was working a corporate job and I went to a yoga class and it kicked my ass. I had no idea yoga was so intense so it sparked this competition in me where I wanted to figure [yoga] out, so I started practicing and fell in love and wanted to teach it because it had done so much for me. There's nothing more inspiring than someone taking their first yoga class and saying, 'That changed my life.'

Talk to me about the new line of tees you launched featuring Purdy Avenue!
The Miami Beach neighborhood of Purdy Avenue rocks. There's a great community happening there and it feels like Miami is moving from a place of "looking good" fitness to actually caring about health. I had an idea to put together a brand that people can rally around to show off that they represent Purdy Ave so I came up with a line of T-shirts, mugs and other stuff. Part of it is putting together meditations and community bike rides. We had 40 people show up for our bike ride the other week and we road down the Venetian and checked out the sunset. It's cool people coming together in a new way that gets them excited about Miami Beach and hopefully inspires them to create their own stuff.

Sign: Scorpio.

Relationship Status: Taken.

Favorite cheat meal I love pizza. It's so not a cheat meal, but I love Amy's Organic Frozen pizza.

Favorite song to workout to: I just put Warren G Regulate on my playlist! So if that tells you anything…

In your gym bag: I usually have a bike light for my bike, some piece of yoga jewelry, like a mala with a tassel. I have my cell phone, usually my iPad with a playlist, just in case I have to stop, drop and teach a yoga class. And usually some Purdy Avenue stickers to give away.

Pet peeve in a yoga class: Texting.

One workout you'd never try: I'm not a very good swimmer, so probably a swim race.

If you had your own granola bar: I'd call it Yoga Fuel. Oats, cacao nibs, dried cranberries, not almonds right now because I made myself allergic thanks to overconsumption, and maybe cashews. I'd probably bind it together with maple syrup and add in some chia seeds.

Favorite motivational phrase: Just start where you are and shine your light.
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