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Hottest Trainer Contestant #2: Julie Wiesman

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Images via Karli Evans

Whoever coined the term blonde ambition clearly had Julie Wiesman in mind. This former Miami Heat and New York Knicks dancer can now be found teaching every Core Fusion class imaginable at Exhale Miami at the Epic Hotel or whipping her clients into shape as a personal trainer all over town. Dancing runs through her blood so profusely that she's on the cusp of licensing her own booty-popping, deep squatting workout, cleverly titled Twerk + Werk and when she's not inspiring her clients to get out and get fit, you might catch her behind the turntables, but "only at friend's parties," she says. Jump through to learn more about this badass bombshell, from her secret Broadway dreams to why she thinks the sexiest look you can have is a sweaty gleam.

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You're a trainer of many talents! Tell me a little bit about what you do.
[At people's homes] I do a full body workout, which includes cardio, strength, flexibility, endurance and a lot of interval balancing types of exercises. I'm core based, so everything that I do is combined with some element of core and core balance. At Exhale, I specialize in Core Fusion, and those are the bar classes, the bootcamp classes, the yoga classes and cardio sport. I teach all of their classes at the Epic Hotel.

What makes you want to wake up every day and be a fitness trainer?
I guess growing up being a dancer, my passions have always been for movement and for using the body. What fitness gives me the opportunity to do is combine my passion and my love for music, to combine my love for movement and just live to the fullest. I love the one on one interaction with people. Even if it's in a group setting, I know every student in the room, I touch every student in the room. I adore seeing transformation in people and I see it every day. I change people's lives.

Sign: Aquarius.

Relationship Status: Engaged.

When I'm not training I'm: Paddle boarding, taking a leisure bike ride, shopping and cooking. Cooking is probably my number two hobby next to fitness.

If I weren't a trainer: I'd still be dancing. I would probably be in Broadway in New York. Probably in Legally Blonde.

Favorite cheat food: This is so hard because my diet is so regimented and healthy, but probably my own lasagna.

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In my gym bag: Right now I have Thera-Bands, which are resistance bands. I have a playground ball. I have my weight gloves, a towel, water, always some kind of bar. I'm loving Charmed Bars right now. It's like a cookie granola bar and it's dairy free, soy free. It's very tasty. How in-depth do we want to go?

Favorite song to get down and dirty to: A remix of Beyonce's Partition, or Britney's Werk Bitch. That will forever push all women.

Why should you be Racked's hottest trainer?
So many people are averse to sweating, but I live with the mantra that sweating can be very sexy. I live to make it that way.
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