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Welcome to Racked Miami's search for Miami's hottest trainer. Over the coming weeks, we'll profile eight smoking locals—fitness experts who not only look hot in spandex, but can make you look amazing too. Once you've gotten to know everyone, we'll host a March Madness-style showdown in which readers vote for their favorites. Let the games begin!

Images via Raquel Zaldivar

Emmanuel Smith has both brains and booty. When he's not pushing people to their physical limit at CrossFit Wynwood, this 6'4" Queens native is modeling (he's signed on with Mega Model Management) or studying hardcore for his MCAT exam. He's energetic, enthusiastic about his trade and loves to see people get stronger mentally, not just physically. And although he's privy to taking part in some serious cuddling sessions (he claims to be a dedicated homebody, after all), gym members have labeled him quite the performer. "The muscle that gets me the most business would have to be the ol' booty. That's my moneymaker." Click though to learn more about Emmanuel, and how one fateful relationship set him on the path he's on today.

So what made you want to become a Crossfit trainer?
It was really an ex girlfriend who got me into Crossfit [laughs]. I went to Crossfit North Miami Beach and I got murdered that day. I just remember there were all these little skills that my ex could do like double unders that I couldn't do and it just pissed me off. I was living in South Beach at the time and I started going to Reebok CrossFit Miami Beach starting February 2011. I started competing in May, was coaching in the fall and the rest is history.

What is it that you like about being a CrossFit trainer?
A lot of the workouts are physically taxing, but more than anything it's really mental. I like to see how [member's] actual facial compositions change. During the first week you can see signs of distress on their faces, and two weeks later, when they listen and learn how do do things, their faces just change. Seeing how they learn how to think through movement, that's the cool part. That's what I love about coaching.

Sign: Scorpio/Sagittarius.

Relationship Status: Single.

Favorite Cheat Food: I don't have a cheat food because I eat whatever I want all the time.

When you're not training: I'm under my covers hiding. I'm a super homebody.

CrossFit pet peeves: Tardiness and inattentiveness.

In you're gym bag: Two pairs of shorts, at least two T-shirts, two changes of underwear, two pairs of socks, my glasses, a spare case of contact lenses, deodorant, body wash, my iPad and my laptop.

If you weren't a trainer you'd be: Between training, doing my [modeling] books, and studying for my MCAT, I'm doing everything that I want to do.

Muscle he's most proud of: The muscle that gets me the most business would have to be the ol' booty. That's my moneymaker.

Favorite Motivating phrase: Be the alpha.
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